eToro isn’t just another trading site. It’s a social site that helps you make money in a variety of ways you have never thought of before. From mimicking what the experts do to helping others with your expertise, the social element of the site keeps you focused on your trading while learning the craft. If you were to spend enough time reading books gathering information online to become an expert trader, you’d never have time to do any trading yourself. With eToro you can learn to be an expert trader, investing and making money the entire time.

It’s easy to interact and ask questions of expert traders who are patient and willing to help a new investor. And because eToro is a social site, you will have a lot of fun interacting with people. The training is so informal and fun that you’ll forget you’re actually learning valuable lessons that will help your investments years down the road. There’s more to it, though. With their CopyTraders and MobileTrader tool you can shadow expert traders while they do their work and make the same great investments that use to make lots of money. Us the tool as a sort of training wheel as you learn the patterns and strategies that make a good trade.

In a short time you will have mastered all of this. You will have become an expert trader without putting much time or effort into it. When this happens, you will be able to counsel newbies by becoming a Guru. Sharing the joy and fun of investing has never been easier.