The trading platform WebTrader that was introduced by eToro has become a world renowned system for online trading and thousands have signed up to start trading on the platform and even some professional traders use the platform. But eToro also opens trading for beginners. You may have seen a television commercial with claims that it makes the task of investment so simple a child could do it. It is one of the top platforms for trading and is fairly easy to use, but what are the pros and cons of this online trading platform?

The Pros and Cons of eToro Online Trading Platform

You may be interested in the many online trading platforms that are available, but there are few that make trading as simple as eToro does. The system is extremely easy to use and has many options and features that many of the other most popular platforms lack behind in. The social features on eToro are one of a kind and allow you to interact with other traders as well as follow ans copy their investments which if you find people who are knowledgeable about trade it can benefit you to follow or even copy their actions.

The cons of eToro are the same as other trading platforms as there is risk involved with any type of trading. If you are just beginning you may want to start out with lower risk investments to assure you have a lower risk. It is also wise to invest responsibly and study to make yourself aware of the risks when trading on any type of trading platform.

The eToro Trading Platform Features

One of the great benefits of the eToro trading platform is that is has many tools to not only help you manage your investment, but as well monitor the current markets in real-time. There is even a practice session that is available that will let you play with $10,000 in real-time before you make any real investment, which is great for beginners who are wanting to just see how the system of online forex trading works before investing any of their own money. Over all eToro is probably one of the best platforms for forex trading available on the Internet today.