Individuals have gotten use to ease of access to all aspects of their lives. This has been made practical with the use of mobile technology including iPhone and iPads. With the use of various applications compatible with these devices, users are able to make timely decisions that affect important areas of their lives no matter where they are or what they are doing. In the investment world, eToro has developed an application that enables investors to initiate and track investment trades right from their mobile devices. eToro is a leader in social trading and provides an efficient platform for the trading of commodities, currencies and financial market indices from all around the world.

What makes eToro unique is the ability they provide to emulate exactly what other successful traders are doing through their social network. With almost three millions investors signed on, eToro provides a very large database of „advice“ in a real-time environment. This can be extremely rewarding as success or failure in investment trading is usually determined in seconds, not minutes. This is also particularly useful and valuable for inexperienced people looking to learn from investors with significant investment backgrounds.

For investors on the go, eToro MobileTrader provides a tool that make information gathering easier through Iphones and Ipads. Through the use of the social network platform, investors can get real-time news and access to view user profiles for other traders. This application also provides live trading feeds which allows the user to track other user’s trading activity and the ability to copy their trades in real-time. eToro MobileTrader is easy to access and use in a one click process. It does not require downloading of an application. You simply sign on to the website through your web browser and access the application via your investment account sign on and password. It is really that simple to protect your assets and watch them grow as you go about taking care of other aspects of your life.