Binary options are flexible. You can have expiry time fixed five minutes away, end of the week or even end of the month. If you are hyperactive in the market, however, you have an option of 60 seconds. You can trades hundreds of times in a day since each trade expires in 60 minutes. What it boils down to is that you stand to lose or make a lot of money as each trade will bring in or deplete a small amount.

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60 Seconds Binary Options Basics

It is basically the same thing as traditional options. If you believe the current price of an asset will move up in 60 seconds, you buy a call option. If you think the opposite to be true, you go for a put option. If you had been correct, you will get a pre-determined payout of between 60% and 70% of the amount you traded. If you had been wrong in your assessment, you lose your money. You will know the result almost immediately after you placed a trade: it takes only a minute. If you had placed a trade at 7:35:12, your option comes to an end at 9:36:12.

You might be able to use some other timing options like 120 seconds or 300 seconds, if such an option is provided by your broker. You won’t need comprehensive administration courses for determining the same hence.

Advantages of the Option

Why go for this 60 second binary options? It allows you trade as many times as you want in the course of a trading day. You can make use of a short-term advantage you perceive without your having to worry about the exact time frame as you would want in normal trading. You can have multiple trades in multiple assets simultaneously. And, you do not need to wait long for, you know what you are in for in seconds.

You can take advantage of strong market moves when you trade using 60 second binary options. For instance, if you find EUR/USD strong on a morning but you have not actually made your entry, it is safe to assume that they would remain the same after 60 seconds. You can make a quick foray and get out before anyone becomes the wiser. Of course, this comes with practice. You would then have developed an intuition to correctly assess the situation and decide accordingly. If you are a diligent player, you could get your hands on some big gains daily.


The possibility of losing one’s money is as real as making it. New traders especially, get carried away and start over-trading and increase the chances of losing their money. In a case of missing wood for the tree, an overall perspective is lost and a significant gain that would have accrued if the steady trading had been taken resort to would be lost too. The 60 second binary options payouts are usually lower than the traditional binary options. If you had lost 100% on some trading but had made only 60% on some other, in order to break even, you would have to win at least 6 out of 10 trades

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