eToro is a social trading investment based in Cyprus, founded in the year 2007. It is a visual online trading platform, which provides online financial services to persons through electronic platform of its own. Such online financial investment services provided by eToro include commodities, stock guide and forex, basically and generally online currency trading. eToro social investment trade is one of the largest online network investment and it has been credited as the leading social investment that offers transparent investment services which are simple and enjoyable to its clientele. eToro Wiki is not an investment broker by itself, rather it works by connecting interested investors with the most competitive investment brokers, while allowing its client to connect with the best and result oriented investment brokers.

Those investing with eToro, they are able to see the available areas trading in real-time enabling one to chose the appropriate online investment that works well for them. In addition, eToro manages people’s portfolios and they maintain transparent account information for you who is investing with them through its copy trader. On the other hand, this social investment unlike many investments, guides its clients through the real time investment to ensure that they not only enjoy the online financial investment services provided to them, but also to make sure that individual investors equally benefits from their investments. Being the leader in social online investment, eToro Wiki makes investment markets accessible to any person wishing or willing to join.

In order to protect, avoid or guide one from taking unnecessary risks, eToro has introduced responsible trading that protects investors against making emotional decisions that would lead to them risking their finances. This has enabled traders to minimize the possibilities of risks while ensuring maximized profit trading. Responsible trading is and has helped many willing investors who has never invested online before who are likely to fall into the trap of assuming that they are just bound to making profits automatically without proper considerations of risks that one may find themselves into. eToro does by providing a safety trading net to investors by minimizing the maximizing balance that one should have in their account in order to invest. This helps the trading investors to adopt to the minimum risk in financial trading online.